Fulcrum Biofuels
3600 Peru Dr, McCarran, NV 89434, USA

MSW Building was a 86,000 SF Pre Engineered Metal Building. The entire slab was poured in one continuous pour.

Fulcrum Admin Building was a 14,000 SF Pre Engineered Metal Building housing the engineering and operations team for Fulcrum Biofuels. The buildings include the __ with accessible flooring ___

Fulcrum Electrical Buildings project was (2) Pre Engineered Metal Buildings that were designed with a stilt foundation to allow for electrical feeds to be accessed through open air space under the building.

Company Worked for on this project:
Dennis Banks Construction

Areas of Expertise: Process Piping, Industrial, PEMB, Pre Engineered Metal Building

Project Type
Square Footage
Construction Status
New Build
Commercial, Government/Public, Industrial, Renewable Energy/Solar
100,000 SF
Between $10M and $50M

475 South Arlington Ave Suite 2C

Reno, Nevada 89501

+1 775-899-2522


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