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Office Headquarters - 475 South Arlington Ave | Suite 2C | Reno, NV 89501

about_imageBLC Builders is an innovative construction firm, born in the heart of northern Nevada. Reno natives Mark Folgner and Kevin Tappan founded the firm in 2020. They are an experienced team that has developed countless projects in the commercial and industrial sectors throughout the region. When choosing a name for the new company, Mark and Kevin paid tributes to our Reno roots with the nod to The Biggest Little City (BLC). As a general contractor, BLC Builders has a versatile portfolio capability, including building in industries such as hospitality, commercial, automotive, sports and recreation, high end residential and gaming properties

In 2021, the company was approved by the Nevada State Contractors Board for an Unlimited B License allowing it to handle both large and small projects for a wide range of owners, developers, and end users. Nevada is one of the only states that regulates General Contractors scopes and license limits. Because of this, the Nevada State Contractors Board performs a rigorous background check complete with references and interviews to vet out a contractor’s capabilities. Nevada will limit General Contractors if they are not qualified for large scale construction or high-rise builds. Along with scope qualification, there is also an extensive review on the Company’s financial strength and viability to pay subcontractors and vendors at the scale of large construction projects. After these reviews the board awards the company’s bid limit with the highest being Unlimited.

With Mark’s extensive resume and background in large scale construction projects including high rise buildings, BLC Builders qualified for a full General Contractors B license and an Unlimited bid limit, effectively allowing BLC Builders the ability to bid and perform work on any project in Nevada regardless of scope or size.

Throughout the past years, BLC has quickly made a name for itself as a premier general contractor and currently has over $35 million of construction value in progress in the Reno area.

BLC firmly believes in fulfilling their clients’ needs through organized efforts and open communication. Their experienced team understands the specifics that are required by different industries and build creative and innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.  Their dedication to communication, and their ability to provide high quality results at competitive pricing, result in building successful and lasting client relationships.

475 South Arlington Ave Suite 2C

Reno, Nevada 89501

+1 775-899-2522


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